Bad moments seem to last forever to those who embrace it. Well, we all have to pause somewhere when we already feel lost, right? What we know is that we have to refresh and feel okay again after a cup of coffee or a quick getaway. What we don’t know is that there is so much more to handle for us to say that we are off on the right foot again.

I know it’s quite absurd if I’d say that one should savour the feeling of sadness and confusion. We never wanted to feel that way. We never wanted struggles in life. No one ever wanted to lose or to fail. As individuals who were raised by good guidance, expected to become the best person that we can be every day, we tend to always reach for what’s on top. We all want to succeed and live life to the fullest without any hassle feeling and financial struggle. Reality check, no one gets there that easy. The universe has its own way for you to reach your goal and it’s telling all of us that at some point in life, we will fail. We will have to cry. We will have to reassure ourselves if we really know what we want. We will have to stop everything and give ourselves a break, and start over again. That’s how we learn the most precious lessons that life has to offer. That is when we will realize how brave we are to face challenges and reconnect with God.

Failures, as much as we hate it, await us when we feel that when we disappoint at something, it is the end of life. Failing is not graduating on time or not being able to get your dream job. To fail is to not give it a try.

Life has some sort of magic that always surprise us. The only trick that we know about is timing. We must have the right time management to be able to organize things. We also need to understand that our current situation isn’t our final destination. Every morning is a new beginning. We get equal chances to improve at something every day. We can always redefine ourselves by doing something that we love. There is no need to pressure yourself, getting back up again takes time. Just move according to your mind’s beliefs. The clock may be ticking but as long as you know that God is up there watching and guiding you, do not rush.  We still have a long way to go in this world.

Being disappointed and sad might feel a little more horrible when you are alone. But this life demands us to recharge ourselves individually. Isolation is a way to know yourself better. It is about time that we should get rid of the fear of walking alone. By having your own time for no one but yourself, you will discover your own truth, things that you will want to fearlessly stand up for.

By these things I mean no healing for your tired hearts. But one thing is for sure, God has something great for each of us. It might be a little stormy for some of us right now but always remember that positivity is key! You just have to do what you think will lead you to a brighter day and eventually it will.


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